Hip Dysplasia Clothing

Hip Dysplasia Clothing

Please see the below companies that accommodate clothing for children whom have Hip Dysplasia; braces, harness’ and spica casts.



Harness Hiders
Harness hiders are decorative strap covers made specifically for the Pavlik Harness. They have lots of wonderful patterns.


Hip Babes
Hip Babes is the resource centre for infants with hip dysplasia. Hip Babes offer helpful tips, advice and clothing options to help parents adjust to the various hip dysplasia treatments.

Hip Babes Website

 Hip Babes Facebook Page


Hip Happy
Two sisters that found there was no choice in clothing for Hip Dysplasia available when a family member was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. They make Pavlik Clothing from cotton Jersey, shipped from Ireland.

Hip Happy Etsy Link

Hip Happy Facebook Page



Hip Pose
Hip Dysplasia clothing for children undergoing treatment. Clothes designed to fit over hip harness or hip spica cast. All made in the UK.

Hip Pose Ltd Website

Hip-Pose Ltd Facebook Page




Hip Tilly
Clothing for babies & toddlers with hip dysplasia. Inspired by our personal experience, our Melbourne made specialty range offers gorgeous daywear clothing and practical nightwear that will cover the braces & harness commonly used to correct the hips.

Hip Tilly Website

Hip Tilly Facebook Page



Hope’s Jammies
Hip-Pose is an award winning brand of clothing for babies and toddlers with hip dysplasia, making clothes to fit over harness, brace and cast. One of the first companies making DDH clothes, Hip-Pose is based in the UK but ships worldwide. From ages 0-5 years and beyond for bespoke items.

Hopes Jammies Etsy Link





Kiek Hip Wear
Kiek Hip Wear design special clothes for children with a hip brace or a spica cast. besides that they offer many practical solutions like wide sleeping bags, wide footmuffs and much more. They deliver worldwide out of stock.

Kiek Hip Wear Website

Kiek Hip Wear Facebook Page


Little Hippie
Handmade Australian clothes especially for babies with Hip Dysplasia as well as skirts, shorts, harems and bibs for all kids.

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Pavlik Harness Protectors
Protective covers for pavlik harnesses reduce stress for you and your baby!

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Pavlik Protectors Website





Silver Lining Baby Pavlik Harness Baby Clothing
Silver Lining Baby provides parents with a beautiful range of babywear essentials that have been carefully designed to fit over the Pavlik Harness.  The collection includes a variety of cute garments including dresses, trousers, bodysuits, romper suits and swaddles all hand made from a luxurious 100% organic cotton.  Silver Lining Baby ships globally from Australia and will also be launching a designated UK site later in 2015.

Silver Lining Baby Website

Silver Lining Baby Facebook Page


Starfish Babes
Specialising in Handmade Hip friendly Sleeping bags. Specifically designed to accommodate all braces and casts they are perfect for babies with Hip Dysplasia or Clubfoot!

Starfish Babes Facebook Page




Sunny and Lola ‘Clicky Kids’
Sunny & Lola Clicky Kids is specialty handmade clothing for baby girls & boys with Hip Dysplasia!

Sunny & Lola Clicky Kids Facebook Page






Baybee Covers
Harness Covers for babies with Hip Dysplasia wearing the Wheaton Pavlik Harness. Covering your baby with quality, love and comfort.

Baybee Covers Website

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Harlow & Thistle
Harlow & Thistle recently expanded to include a line of leg-warmers specifically designed for babies in a Pavlik harness. These one-size-fits-all leg warmers are the perfect size to stretch and stay over the harness booties. They keep the harness clean and the baby warm and stylish. 

Harlow & Thistle Etsy Page





Taylah Tree
Taylah Trees hip Dysplasia Clothing Range includes our slouchy pants, shorts, dresses, nappy covers and harness covers which are all sized to accommodate most hip harnesses and spica casts. They feature a wider waist or your choice of snap fasteners at the waist or crutch to allow for ease of wear. They are all produced with our high quality organic knit fabric, which  is ideal for a babys sensitive skin.

Taylah Tree Facebook Page

Taylah Tree Website



Moonu Baby
After my daughter was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and put into a Pavlik Harness, we found it frustrating trying to find clothing options to fit over the harness. Moonu is all about providing fun and functional clothes to brighten up what can be a difficult time.
Our clothes are designed and handmade by us a mother & daughter team, in New Zealand. Made from 100% cotton fabrics, in a fun range of prints.
Moonu Baby Facebook Page




CBO Baby manufacture large sized hard to find toddler and kids onesies/bodysuits. Their garments are widely used by parents of children with hip dysplasia and spica casts etc. Their onesies run in sizes larger than the typical onesies and have easy coverage over the child’s diaper and cast. Their garments are all made of 100% cotton interlock and are of superior quality.

CBO Baby Website

CBO Baby Facebook Page


Anak-Anak, we make stretchy, cotton harem pants for babies and toddlers. Our pants fit perfectly over hip harnesses and we have received very positive reviews and had many repeat customers who have babies with Hip Dysplasia.

Anak-Anak Website

Anak-Anak Facebook Page 



If you know of any or have your own Hip Dysplasia clothing brand and want to be featured on this site please email us at [email protected]